About Gluten… And Me


Ditch the Wheat… and heal your Gut!

Trying for years to understand and get to the root cause of my allergies/sensitivities and deal with the symptoms, has led me finally, once and for all, to cut out all gluten and carbohydrates in general from my diet. It is still only early days but I am already seeing and feeling the benefits – i.e.  no more bloating after eating, no more constipation, gas, and no more waking up feeling like my head will burst and snuffling and sneezing well into every morning.  It was debilitating in the extreme!

Now, I’m Excited to Share My Joy and Zest for Life!

I’ve seen too many people relying on too many medications – I know my immune system won’t support that and so I’m very happy that what I’m doing is working -I want to share it with you. In only a few short weeks I’ve noticed: • my waistline reappearing: • my energy levels have returned, AND • I wake up sneeze-free!! To say I’m “Over the Moon” is putting it mildly!

My Story

I was born with ‘weeping’ eczema on my face. How my mother coped with this I’ll never know but with the help of a pharmacist who knew something of herbal medicine, she did.  So you can imagine, there have been many ups and downs with my health over the years.

Having grown up on a farm I was evident early on that I’m especially sensitive to hay, dust and mold and the minute filaments that float about in the air especially during harvesting time.  It seemed I suffered an interminable ‘cold’ – which I now know to be the symptoms of  Hay Fever.  A similar thing happened when I’d been picking wildflowers (with a very heavy pollinated centre) – Mom

Mum's flowers 300x212 would suggest I’d been collecting tadpoles – probably true – and that I’d caught a cold!

Boarding school at age 6 brought no reprieve either as we slept on kapok mattresses and pillows and when in the morning making our beds I’d be having one of my usual sneezing frenzies I remember one of the Sisters questioning me about it.

“It’s OK Sister”, I said.

“It’s just a bit of hay fever”

to which she replied: “There’s no such thing”

Well… at least I knew where I stood on that one.  These symptoms began as more of a nuisance than anything worry-some but gradually, over several years, developed into several life-threatening anaphylactic episodes.  I am sensitive to many things, particularly dust, mold, heavily-scented flowers, strong perfumes, synthetic chemicals, -the list goes on. I became more aware of allergens and their effects after much research on the topic plus getting my head around understanding how different personalities deal with lifestyle situations e.g.: “What if I’m not good enough?” or: “What if I fail?” etc. in dealing with many situations I found stressful.

Later on

Recently I developed severe Psoriasis and became incapacitated but not hospitalized -thankfully. The specialist was quick to point out that it was caused by stress – at least not dealing with stress effectively.  My life has been interspersed with episodes of good health and then struggles with allergies, hay fever, bloating, constipation, stress, even several severe anaphylactic reactions where I had only a few minutes to live…  Psoriasis was the last straw. I began again. The doctors urged me to try Antihistamines – some made me too sleepy to function, others did nothing.   The naturopath advised me that my system does not tolerate carbohydrates which I know to be true.


  • I have eliminated all products containing Gluten from my diet
  • I steer clear of processed foods
  • I remain especially vigilant of synthetic chemicals
  • I cut down on sugar and carbohydrates in general
  • I am learning to deal with Anxiety/Stress more effectively



  1. I know what foods to avoid so eliminating Gluten from my diet was fairly straightforward.
  2. I rarely eat processed foods – they often contain MSG (monosodium glutamate) which is a chemical I can’t handle.
  3. I don’t (can’t) eat sweets – however I do love a dark chocolate drink made with Cacao.
  4. I now pay attention when I can feel the anxiety levels rising and have developed a routine of meditation and relaxation within my hectic work schedule.


I Stepped Back – Relaxed my Shoulders and Breathed

• I discovered my triggers. Got help when I needed it.

• Avoided stress-filled situations when I could

• Found Meditation to be a brilliant release valve.

• Am learning to respond rather than react.

In the past I readily admit to backsliding with regard to sugar and bread in my diet in the mistaken belief that … “Now I am doing really well…” – I thought my immune system was going great, and so the sugar and the bread sneaked back into my lifestyle.